Brighton – known as London by the Sea

Brighton is known as London by the Sea because it has a big city flair and elegant buildings just like you would find in affluent parts of the capital as well as miles of beach. It started to become very fashionable around 1750 when wealthy people would come down from to enjoy the sea. Brighton quickly became the largest and most successful seaside resort in the UK. These days, over 7 million people a year come here for the day. The city is also a magnet for people to come and live. It has been voted the
happiest place to live and is particularly known for being very liberal. It would be hard to find a popular activity which isn’t possible and it is very easy to get around by bus, train or on foot. Visitors love The Lanes which are full of vintage shops and fun places to discover unusual treasures. Right next to that area is the Churchill shopping mall which has all the major brands. Other well known landmarks are the impressive Royal Pavilion, both the new and old piers and the pretty beach huts. Brighton because it is the perfect place to study: City and sea, big enough to offer all the activities, a destination in its own right, but also so close to London.

Brighton is particularly suited for students as it has a young, lively feel. There are two large universities.