If you would like to find out more about hosting, please take a minute to complete the enquiry form below. A member of staff will contact you within a couple of days and let you know how everything works.


If you have already met with us online or in person and you are pretty sure you would like to host, please complete the application form.


Could you please apply for a background check if you know you are going to be hosting with us.


You will need to enter the code: STENCP15847 and tick  Standard / Enhanced – client paid application. Of course, we pay for your certificate.

Who can host?

You can – if you care about young people and would like to help them get to know our country. Single parents, older couples and people who have never had children can all be great hosts because we provide clear structures and quick responses if you ever have a question. Of course, we need to arrange a meeting and complete a DBS check, but we pay for that.

Who are the students?

Unlike language school students, who tend to be more like visitors than family members, our teenagers have to speak English well before they arrive because they go to a regular state school and take part in all classes. They are expected to make UK and international friends and take part in school and town activities. You see a profile with letters and photos before arrival and you can choose which student you think will fit well in your family.

-You can call or message us on 07850 332614

-email us on info@southenglandexchange.org

-fill in the enquiry form on this link.

However you decide to get in touch, we will take time to explain everything carefully!