The heart of the SEI curriculum is Environmental Science because this subject is of great interest and offers many subjects in one.

At SEI, we wanted a central subject which unites all students. At the same time, we wanted to make sure they have a rounded education with many opportunities. We have also been listening to what our young people care about. Environmental Science covers Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Law, Ethics, Philosophy, Media, Politics, Language and so many more topics.

A subject which appeals to everyone!

Environmental Science is a highly relevant interdisciplinary science option. It is ideal study for anyone interested in contemporary environmental issues, systems thinking and sustainability.

This subject is suitable for students who excel in sciences, but also accessible for those who are initially more interested in arts or humanities. Our teachers are skilled in captivating the imagination of all students and encouraging them to work together and learn from each other. The problem solving approach trains students to use all their skills to enhance the results.

The international background of our students provides an opportunity to create fascinating networking possibilities and exciting intercultural projects. The varied origins and the common goals set the scene for unusual debates. Environmental issues break down national barriers and cultural differences.

Environmental Science links topics from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Maths, Psychology, Ethics and Business to name just a few subjects. A particular emphasis is placed on developing the ability to analyse facts and assess critically. From the first lessons, students are encouraged to enquire and investigate for themselves.

Project work allows students to investigate topics with a link to areas which particularly attract them such as fashion or artificial intelligence.